At Pete's, we service many makes & models of bikes.  However;  First see details concerning repairs/servicing on the 'HOURS' tab of this website.


Get your current bike running like new.  Keep it SAFE !   ***

For Pre-Approval prior to drop-off, please

e-mail to us the make & model (or photos).

Regular (Most bikes)

Carbon Frame

Kids (Foot-brake, single speed)


$ 89.60*

$ 99.70-$ 121.40*

$ 71.20*

Electric-Assist service only for models sold by PB&FS

*Plus parts plus parts-labor.  Labor prices may be 5% to 20% higher for bikes older than 12 years, and for bikes not purchased from a bike shop.   Estimates are always FREE.  Prices apply to bikes without motors.

Assembly (from a box)

Professional assembly & fine-tuning of quality bicycles.

We do not assemble bicycles with unapproved components. For pre-approval prior to drop-off, please e-mail us with the make and model.

Regular (Aluminum or steel)

Carbon Frame/Road

Kids (Foot-brake, single speed)

Electric-Assist (bike with motor)

$ 99.00-$149.00

$ 149.00

$ 81.00

Electric-Assist service only for models sold by PB&FS.

Estimates are FREE!

Tune-ups include a full cleaning, comprehensive adjustment of brakes and gears, lubrication, a check of all bolts and parts

for tightness & functionality, road-testing;   ensuring

your bike is safe and ready to ride.

FREE Assembly, Fine-Tuning, Testing, and Fitting are included with all new bikes purchased from us.

FREE Helmet-Fitting with any helmet purchase from us.

***Pete's Bike and Fitness holds discretion on which bikes are "safe" or "not safe" to ride.  If a bike is deemed "not safe":  1.) service/repair work will be refused, or   

                                                                2.) a tune-up will be required to make your bike safe.