Founded in 1974, Specialized Bicycle Company is now one of the leaders in the industry. Known for their cutting edge design and clean, refined look, they never seem to disappoint. Check out more on their website by clicking on their logo.


Founded in Marin County, California in 1986, Marin Bicycle Company is known for their standout looks, Californian flare and very competitive prices. They ensure you get a great bike no-matter the budget.

The price for any new bicycle purchased directly from PB&FS inventory includes Assembly, Fine-Tuning, Testing, Fitting, and PB&FS post-purchase Services.

How to purchase new bicycles during the covid-19-period:

     1.)  Go to SPECIALIZED.com and MARINbikes.com, find a model & size & color to your liking.  E-mail us at bicyclefix31@gmail.com to check our inventory for availability.  Our covid-19-period prices also include free kickstand on beginner models, free water-bottle & holder.  Pick-up and payment during open hours.

     2.)  Also, one can go to SPECIALIZED.com to purchase your bicycle direct from manufacturer.  Bicycle will be shipped to us for expert assembly. 

Updated 6-15-21.....  2021 Bicycle Models In-Stock*:

     RipRock Coaster:  20" $289-,pink,aqua*.  16" $269-,silver,red,aqua.*

     24" HotRock* blue$499- &  Donkey Jr.* $429- **.

     Bolinas-Ridge-1 $569-**:  x-small.*.

     (San Quentin 27.5" x-large arriving about 6/20) 

     Diverge:  Sport-Carbon 56cm $3300-.   Base-Carbon 54cm $2800- .

     Ruby-Carbon (Roubaix), 105'demo', 54cm silver $2650-.

     SPECIALIZED Creo-SL (amazing bikes);  Carbon-Comp $8,000- medium, large.  E5-Aluminum $7000- medium.

     Electric-Assist:  Turbo Como-3 $3250-, lady small navy,  mens' med./large red.*

                               Turbo Vado-SL-4 $3760- medium, Vado-SL-5-EQ $4750- x-large.*.

     Stinson-1 Step-Thru $639-**: medium, large.* (small arriving about 6/20)

     Sirrus 4.0 2x9-speed, carbon, $1450-* **:  small dove-grey.

     Car Racks:  Kuat Sherpa-2", Thule 9043, 9056, 910. Prices include assembly/install , e-mail for availability.

     * Quantities are limited, please e-mail bicyclefix31@gmail for latest availability.

     ** Current price may include extra freight premium to source bikes from west-coast warehouse.