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Founded in Marin County, California in 1986, Marin Bicycle Company is known for their standout looks, Californian flare and very competitive prices. They ensure you get a great bike no-matter the budget. Click to learn more.

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Founded in 1977 by the 'inventor' of BMX racing, Scot Breithauptin in Long Beach, California, SE Bikes has never left its roots. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind  BMX bike, SE is the only way to go. Click to learn more.


Tires, Tubes, Helmets, Pumps, Shorts, Shoes, Jerseys, Water-Bottles & Cages, Saddles, Bags ..... Time-Tested Equipment at reasonable prices.


Sale** ..... 

15% to 20% OFF

New Bikes.

20% to 25% OFF

Helmets, Shoes, 

Gloves, More.

35% to 40% OFF

Shorts & Tops.

**All PETE's Bicycle 

Prices include all "The

$171.00" extras (the

average cost to get a

bike from warehouse

to a rideable/safe state:     

Over-Sized shipping

Freight, (typically $50-$75), 

Assembly, Fine-Tuning, 

Testing, Removal of 

Packaging Materials,

and added Kickstand &

added Water-Bottle set.

**In-stock items only.

All BICYCLE prices listed

  below include SALE

  discount deducted :

Comfort style  $580 to $725

Hybrid style    $580 to $650

Fitness Style   $515 to $800

Mountain      $550 to $800

BMX/Pump    $460 to $850

Road style        $1300 +

Tarmac SL6 54  $2900

CreoSL.Comp Med. $4175

ElectricAssist $2175/$4150

Kids 24”          $370 to $640

Kids 12"16"20” $265/$299

Vintage,Adult    $505

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